Om uppdraget
I Martin & Serveras mångfaldssatsning ”Välkommen till jobbet!” fick 3000 medarbetare på olika sätt utforska hur de påverkas av normer och fördomar, varje dag. Satsningen smyglanserades genom att stickers med tankeväckande budskap placerades ut runt om på arbetsplatsen, vilket följdes upp av informativa affischer som uppmanade medarbetarna att delta i programmet.

Martin & Servera / Akt Agency

What is this?
Martin & Servera has set up challenging diversity goals to ensure innovation, great customer experiences and access to 100 percent of the competence in the labour market. In the “Welcome to work!” movement, all 3 000 employees were introduced to how norms and prejudices affect us every day. The launch started off with thought-provoking stickers all around the workplace:

In the warehouse: ”This looks heavy. Who do you ask for help?
At the toilet: ”Can a girl use the men’s room?
At the entrance: ”Say hi to everyone you meet today!” Etc.

This was followed by informative posters, inviting the employees to join the digital program ”Welcome to work!”. The headlines say:

You have nearly 3000 various colleagues! And just as many reasons to celebrate it.
You are not like the others. Luckily, no one is.